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Autumn Delights at the Fernando Alcalá Marín Library: A Diverse Program of Literary Activities

The Fernando Alcalá Marín Library is set to offer a diverse array of activities in its autumn program, including book clubs, storytelling sessions, and workshops. This program will run until December 27, featuring approximately thirty free events aimed at fostering cultural exchange and providing a space for discussions and the sharing of emotions sparked by books, as highlighted by the Director General of Culture, Carmen Díaz.

Over the course of three months, seven book clubs will convene, catering to various age groups, from babies to adults, including children, teenagers, and English enthusiasts. Díaz expressed the library’s aspiration to become a more social space, emphasizing that the book clubs will meet between two and three times per month.

Specifically, events have been designed for babies aged six to 36 months, offering them a “first encounter with books.” There will be two meetings for children aged 8 and 9, known as ‘El Rayo’ and ‘Mar de libros,’ respectively. For adults, there are offerings like ‘La represa’ and ‘Lectura e inteligencia emocional,’ as well as English language gatherings for B1 and B2 levels and ‘bookworms.’

Additionally, the library will host the ‘La palabra contada’ series, coordinated by journalist Concha Montes. This series will take place on the last Wednesday of each month, starting from October 25 and concluding on December 27. Díaz described it as a unique event that provides considerable inspiration to continue reading.

In terms of children’s activities such as storytelling and workshops, an effort will be made to combine theatrical and scenic elements with books. On October 27, the Aida Laut company will perform the musicalized story ‘El nacimiento del dragón,’ followed by the storytelling event ‘Una animalada de cuentos’ by Alicia Acosta on November 17. Additionally, there will be a Christmas card-making workshop on December 2, led by illustrator Carla Ventresca.

Alongside these activities, the library will host book presentations and welcome visits from students of various educational institutions, where they will learn about the library’s operations, according to Díaz.

Source: Original article by Andrea Jiménez in Diario Sur, published on Thursday, September 28, 2023, at 18:12.

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