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Best Places to Eat Paella in Costa del Sol

Paella is undoubtedly the star dish of Spain, however this dish like many other dishes is not an original Andalusia dish. However, the dish has spread out and it is widely known and can be found on the menus of various restaurants.  So, if you happen to visit Spain or the tourist destination of Costa del sol and you’re wondering where to treat yourself with paella, then there are many places that can fulfill your gastronomic fantasies. Though this dish doesn’t have its origin in the costa del sol, since it is a Valencian dish, it has expanded its borders and has established itself in the restaurants of costa del sol. 

For Spaniards Paella is equal to a sentimental feeling; it is their culture, this is not something they just eat, this dish is part of their celebrations. Even people outside Spain know the central importance of paella. 


Soleo Marbella is a restaurant as well as a beach club. This restaurant is exclusively located on a beautiful beachfront. This is the best place to relax and enjoy and have the best menu that is rich in choices. This place has a wide selection of rice dishes including the items such as “Paella de la Costa” or Black Rice with mushrooms. They have wonderful desserts, on the already scrumptious menu, like items such asbuñuelillos of cream with chocolate and ice cream” and the “black and white chocolate cake” 


The Paella´s y Más is the place that can please all the food lovers, no matter how critical they are. This restaurant is outstanding when it comes to fulfilling and the customer’s expectations and going beyond these by offering more than paellas and fideuás. After being there once you will know that they serve one of the best Valencian rice, but this alone is not their only hot shot since this place tops the list of best eating places for people who come searching for the Iberian cold meats and Iberian acorn-fed ham.  


This restaurant is a historical beast as it has a huge Andalusian courtyard which is over 200 years old. In a beautiful setting as this, one can relish the most delicious Andalusian gazpacho and the famous Málaga styled fried fish. Their paellas are exclusively exquisite 


They serve the fanciest dinners and the atmosphere guarantees you having the best time. The choices are quite diverse. One can choose between fish and beef in different variations, although, without a doubt, they serve excellent rice dishes and a great paella. Arroz a banda; black rice is the favorite among the native Spaniards and the people who venture there from across the world; regular paella has an extraordinary creamy rice, it is served either with lobster or with red shrimp. As they master the art of making the best rice; their paella stands out, people visit this place specifically for their delicious paella.  

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