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Best Tapas Places in Costa del Sol

In all the places outside of Spain the famous Spanish tapa bars are often too luxurious to afford, It appears like you are spending fortunes on tiny portions of the typical Spanish Food, but the taste and the style of service makes most people wanting to spend money. The typical Spanish foods focuses a lot on ham and olives, and who doesn’t love that combo? Then there´s good news for you if you are planning to travel to Spain, trying the generic Spanish cuisines will not disappoint you.  

Spanish culture is rich, and this is reflected in their food habits as well. One region is invariably different from another, some areas are poorer in the tapas culture while others such as the southern region of Andalusia is the best destination for you if you are planning to take a culinary trip to Spain.  

Bellow you’ll find a list of top favorite places on costa del sol to experience the rich Tapas culture during your trip to Spain; 

Bodeguita El Gallo 

Bodeguita El Gallo is located in the renowned area of Calle San Agustin, one of the bets aspects of visiting this tapa bar is that it is the most picturesque place in the whole south. Lying in the vicinity of the Picasso museum, this place has an essence of history as well. This is a very family friendly restaurant and their recipes have historical value as they have been handed down through generations. This is a must visit place to taste the treasures of the rich Spanish tapa history. 

Cervecería Los Gatos 

Cervecería Los Gatos welcomes you with immaculately beautiful wall paintings and a very homey open kitchen. It lies near the historic center of Malaga city, which is often the place where tourists rent an apartment.  This tapa bar has consistently been at the top of the list of tapas bars in the whole country, their innovation is highly praised as well as their family friendly service, they will greet and serve you just as if you were at your home. The best part of visiting this bar is that you get a free tapa with every drink your order.  

El Tapeo de Cervantes 

El Tapeo de Cervantes is situated- as the name suggest near the static landscape of Teatro de Cervantes. The bar is small as compared to the other listed here however, this is the most popular bar in the whole costa del sol. It has space for up to 28 people at a certain time, which require the people who are planning to visit to book a table beforehand, and while booking you’ll understand why this bar is the most cherished one. The wait and the need to do a reservation is all worth it when you enter the place and your first bite melts in your mouth.   

As the popularity of this place has increased and due to the demand of more space, they opened a sister restaurant which is located just around the corner, here you can experience the same food quality. 

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