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Family Friendly Activities for the Whole Family on Costa del Sol

Costa del Sol offers everything you seek in a holiday destination, though this place is famous for the warm beaches and the tropical climate, there is much more you can do if you are travelling to this majestic city of Southern Spain. If you are travelling alone you can spend time in the nature but if you have a family that has to be kept entertained, there must be different places with different activities every day.

Following are the places you can visit, and things you can do to keep your family and children hyped up throughout the trip;

Aquamijas Waterpark, Mijas, Malaga

This is a family park for the whole family, where the children can enjoy the five water slides, there is a beautiful mini-golf course, a wall climbing area and a jacuzzi. Aqualand has managed to be the best waterparks in the whole Spain for years. One simply cannot miss this place during the trip to costa del sol.


Castillo de Colomares, Benalmadena

If you are staying in Benalmadena Pueblo visiting this breathtaking castle is a must. This castle offers a complete tour of the mystic architecture, adults can enjoy the intricacies of the historical architecture whereas for kids this place can be truly magical.


Crocodile Park, Torremolinos

Kids always love animals, visiting a zoo sure can excite any kid and costa del sol gives you the best opportunity with a park with more than 200 species of crocodiles. For reptile lovers and wildlife enthusiasts this place is heaven. You can communicate with the crocodiles by handling them with safety, and observe them very closely. People who travel with kids never leave this spot once they are in costa del sol.


BioParc Zoo, Fuengirola

Bioparc zoo is much more than a simple zoo, it keeps and nurtures all the unique as well as endangered species from across the world. Here you can find various species of elephants and also witness the wonders of 100-year-old tortoises.  Once you are in Fuengirola you cannot simply pass on the most famous zoo of Spain.

Jardin de las Aguila (Garden of Eagles), Benalmadena

If you are staying in Benalmadena or renting a holiday facility there, then the “Garden of Eagles,” is an important stop for you. This is a place that all family members can enjoy, especially the children.  This bird garden has the startling amount of 160 different species of birds. They also host multiple bird’s performance events as well.


Butterfly Park, Benalmadena

The moment you enter the Thai-themed butterfly park, you travel directly to the warm and humid forests of South-East Asia. The forest near the Mediterranean host the most unique species in the whole world. As you drive through the park you will witness some of the most beautiful tropical plants, waterfalls, exotic animals and 1,500 beautiful butterflies. For people who loves nature this can be the most exciting journey and children will be over the moon during this raptured voyage.

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