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Places to Eat with Children in Marbella

The Mediterranean region is the widely acclaimed as a tourist spot, and maybe even more the southern coast of Spain. Marbella is a place that is known to have the best climate. It I undeniably one of the best tourist spots. The warm waters, sunlight and the Mediterranean air attract people from across the world. Spain does have the best climate in the whole Eurozone. Tourists coming from the Scandinavian countries plan for Mediterranean regions to satisfy their need for warmer weather. The mix of natural beauty and the urban environment, that has been created over the years, attracts people the most. 

Spain is known for its hospitality; the tapas culture is unique to only this country. Imagine visiting a new place and sharing delicacies with family and friends and being introduced to new culture and new food. This will be an experience you won’t forget. Imagine introducing your children to this amicable atmosphere, with its rich and diverse culture 

Young children are not easy to keep happy, you can do everything possible, but they are always close to sudden boredom. If you are planning a family trip to Marbella with its lively vibrant city, your children will definitely not be bored  

Friends Bar De Tapas 

This friends bar as the name suggests is a great family-friendly restaurant which serves a huge variety of traditional tapas and fusion tapas. You can order a number of dishes; all the dishes simply get placed at the center of the table. The idea of service is something the kids can really enjoy. Also, their musical entertainment keep the children busy.  

Passion Cafe 

This pantry styled café is your kind of place if you are looking for the best breakfast in town or a brunch. You will literally drool over their lengthy breakfast menu, you will find all sorts of pancakes, bagels, sandwiches and eggs. This is the best breakfast place for kids due to the diverse menu as well as the free wifi, even the adults can easily catch up with their social media life while having a bite.  

Aqui Te Quiero Ver 

This is the place if you and the kids have an appetite for the Mediterranean seafood dishes, this is not only a traditional restaurant, it has a beachfront just like a chiringuito. The location of this restaurant stands out basically as it is located on Marbella’s most popular beach, Real de Zaragoza, everything about this restaurant is lovable. Especially the Sardinian food items on the list can be new and unique for the tourists and can be enjoyed by kids above all.  

Cibo Italiano 

If you need pizza this is the place for you, as the name suggest you can savor the real Italian pizza.  As all kids love pizza, this is the best on the go place for kids in Marbella. The most fun for kids can be the Make your own pizza” – party, where kids design and create their own pizza.  

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