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Places to Eat with Children on Costa del Sol

Why Costa del Sol is the destination for you? 

Costa del Sol is known as the sunshine coast, not figuratively but literally since sun shines here more than 300 days of the year. This coast is praised to be the best part of the whole Mediterranean region, a place with the best climate and views. Thanks to the beauty and the weather of this region, it has remained a popular tourist spot, including people from America and Asia. It is a glamorous destination; the area is for people who cherish cosmopolitan life as well as the tranquil suburbs.  

The tapas culture is unique for this country. Spain does have a hospitable appeal to it. Imagine visiting a new place and sharing delicacies with family and friends and being introduced to a new culture and new food. This experience can be a vibrant road down memory lane. Imagine introducing your children to this amicable atmosphere, with its rich and diverse culture 

Children are however not really too fond of natural beaty or culture. Anything can bore them easily, if the place is just serene and nothing is happening, it can be really tough to keep children hyped up for the holiday. If you are planning a family trip, then it must be filled with places where there is something more than just silently absorbing the beauty of the landscape. Here are a few places that are recommended if you are bringing children on your trip.

Ristorante Fresco 

One place for all the die-hard pizza fans. Ristorante Fresco is basically an Italian restaurant which offers an abundance of Italian, Mediterranean and European food but the standout food is obviously pizza. This restaurant is situated near Paseo Maritimo, best place for outdoor sitting. The menu is so diverse it can keep children busy until they decide which one is their favorable choice. The place is spacious and safe, so you can enjoy the delicacies while watching your children play in the most beautiful environment.

Bistro Michel 

This restaurant is as lovely as the name sounds. They offer a diverse mix of foods, they have Spanish cuisines along with wide range of British and other European options. The owner of the place, Michael, is a highly acclaimed chef himself, and this very feature is reflected in each and every aspect of the restaurant. They don’t have a children menu separately, but their serving style is customized and the smaller portions are suitable for children. However, this is a place that needs to be booked in advanced because of the delicious food, hospitality as well as the complementary items they offer.   

Cafe Costa del Sol 

This café is another wonderful place to eat for people who steer away from the conventional food during their holiday. This is immensely adored amongst children because of all the sweets they offer such as churros, ice cream, cakes and more delicious sweet treats. This place even allows children to run crazy after the sugar buzz has kicked in. 

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