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Where to Eat in Estepona

Estepona is a city with a diversity of restaurants, just as well as in the city as well as in the surrounding regions. As you roam around the beautiful mystic streets of the city you will find many tapas restaurants, serving authentic Spanish food. Here you will find all the cherished traditional Spanish dishes. The streets are brimming with places to eat. You can devour the classic fish dishes as well as it is heaven for meat lovers. To eat in Spain is celebrated everywhere, you can discover true gems in this small town as well as many sit-down restaurants serving both fish and meat dishes, as well as paellas.

The port area of Estepona offers the most diverse options of restaurants each offering spectacular landscapes of the Mediterranean region. The restaurants are not limited to the traditional Spanish food, here you can find everything from Indian, Chinese to Italian places. So, if you are missing your homeland while taking a tour, this is the place to go since you can get almost any food.


Felix Brasserie

Felix Brasserie will serve you dishes that are unique in its combination of Asian and European gastronomies, this place can expose your taste buds to the most celebrated tastes in the whole world. All of their recipes is a delicious explosion of flavors. This is a Euro Asian restaurant in its pure nature. They have the best Spanish food although their expertise lies in other domains as well.


Las Palmeras

This eatery lies only a walk away from the beautiful shore area, at Las Palmeras you can enjoy the ocean, the soothing sound of the waves, the humming of the sea birds while gulping the best of Andalusian cuisine. Due to their proximity to the sea they offer a wide selection of fish, shellfish. Moreover, homemade desserts are also their best catch.


11 y 11 Restobar

Restobar as comfortable as the name is. They offer the best live music in town. Their menu offers an abundance of seafood dishes, as well as salads and meat dishes. This bar is situated near the Estepona port, due to which you can enjoy the great views of Mediterranean.



Casa Del Rey

Beautiful as the name is this eatery is located in the pedestrianized, enchanting and mystic streets of the Estepona old town. Their expertise lies in serving exquisite tapas. The seating area is quite serene as well as they have a roof top terrace with the great view as well just as a courtyard where you can eat. For wine lovers they offer a huge choice of red and white wines.



As cozy as the name sounds this is one among the most popular and cherished restaurant. The moment you enter the place the mighty Hollywood Greats will harness your attention. The decoration and the menu are admirable, they offer original dishes and use the fresh original products. Their service is delivered by the best staff. This place is unforgettable because of the taste and service.

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