About us

We are experts in the sale of newly built housing

Sales are at the heart of Scandinavian Marbella Homes – and we offer all the security that a brokerage service by law will provide both sellers and buyers – but we also have several specialized consulting services to offer. From market analysis, product customization and troubleshooting to sluggish sales, value-enhancing things like site identity and customer care. As a client, you choose how much of our skills you want to use. Whatever the extent, our goal is always to deliver at a level that only a specialist in new production can handle.

All the way home

Scandinavian Marbella Homes is both big and small. We have offices all over Storstockholm and in Uppsala, so there is always a skilled broker near you who can provide your area and can provide you with a personalized service, no matter where you live.

If it becomes extra urgent or if we face difficult tasks, we work to get the best possible service in your home business. Our goal is to be satisfied with your business, whether it’s about selling or buying condominiums, villas, townhouses, cottages and plots.

Our business philosophy

At Scandinavian Marbella Homes we talk about “clear paper and straight message”. By this we mean that the best way to do a bargain, where everyone involved feels satisfied is to always inform the buyer about what rights and obligations apply.In a successful residential business, both sellers and buyers should feel safe and satisfied, there is only a winner.